3D-Gameplaypatch 3.12

You can compare the results very good with calculated games
3.12 (See all)

You can continue without restarting your game. You don't have to reinstall any patch !! With the last version many bugs in 3D were solved to have the most realistic and best gameplay.
Gepardpatch gives also realistic results of 3D. You can compare the results very good with calculated games.
- Better passing abilities and ball control
- The defense is better than original
- Rare dummy goals
- Playing direction changed so that also back playing is favoured
- More differences at the abilities of players
- Reorganisation of cards and fouls. The same for injuries
- Speed differences more than in original settings.
- The view changed. Especially lense angle changed that you can see more with a better look.
- Better goalie abilities. Much better than with original settings..
- The game speed is slower than original
- Energy drop during the 3D game is reduced now.

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